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Natika G.
Durham, NC
The pho is really tasty! We usually order the chicken pho. This time I decided to try their chicken fried rice and was good! I also had the watermelon boba drink and it was awesome!!! Service is decent the waitress was trying to get us to spend more money but we ignored her lol.
Jim P.
Wake Forest, NC
Delicious Pho Brisket, and great pork and shrimp roll appetizer. I highly recommend this place for a fast inexpensive lunch or dinner.
Scott M.
Chapel Hill, NC
Having had a lot of great Vietnamese food, it's tough to find a great place to satisfy my Viet-food cravings. This place hits the spot every time.

The Pho Dac Biet is great-- it comes with sprouts, lime, mint, and fresh jalapeños, as do most soups at traditional Vietnamese restaurants. It's a good entry dish into Vietnamese food.

If you like Pho, you should definitely try their Bun Bo Hue-- this is what I usually get. Originating in Hue, which used to be the capital of Vietnam, this dish is packed with big flavors that you would expect coming from a place of royalty. It's a red broth that when paired with lime and jalapeños delivers the perfect sense of umami.

What I recently tried, and what is motivating my review, is their Banh Mi. Wow! It's fantastic! I tried both the Banh Mi Thit Nuong and the Banh Mi Dac Biet. Be sure to ask what's available. With light and fluffy bread with crunchy crust, along with pâté and aioli, the meat blends so well together and make me wish I ordered two.

This place is off the charts. A go to for anyone looking for great, simple, Vietnamese food.
Kenn Allen
We had the combination chicken and broccoli, Pho and the spring roll. The meal was wonderful.
Hiep Lien
Great place for authentic vietnamese dishes. The cripsy noodle plate was amazing. Lots of noddles , veggies and meat. Didn't know they were open on Sunday til tonight. Made getting dinner real convenient for my out of town guest lol will be back regularly
Philip Tran
This place is really good.. just like how mom makes it at home!!!... I think maybe even better. i love their pho, and their pork & noodles. Their egg rolls are hand man i think and some of the best i have had.

I think one of the best things to do is get her recommendation, or whatever they have on special
Randy Goff
I travel to Durham and this is my favorite restaurant while in the area. The owner is wonderful. The appetizers are legit. The food is authentic Vietnamese and delicious. I recommend the egg rolls and stir fried rice with chicken. Add a soft fried egg on top and WOW!!
Guillaume St-Charles
The food is good, and that's all you have to care about here. The staff does their job with an almost comically rudeness to it. The ambiance is as nonexistent as the charisma of the staff.
But if all you want is good food, it's a good place :)
Chris C.
Greensboro, NC
I love the barbeque pork sandwich. Very authentic flavors. It is a subtle sandwich. Barbeque pork, cilantro, cucumber, carrots and their nuc-mam (sorry for spelling). Subtle yet flavorful, light and fresh. Great crusty, yet soft bread. I am going to eat it for lunch again today. Writing this made me crave it NOW!
T D.
Los Angeles, CA
I'm from San Jose, currently living in Los Angeles and here for 2 months for work. I've searched far and wide. pho 9n9 is the spot to go to for the best pho in the triangle area. I drive from Chapel Hill just to get the pho + pork banh mi!

Flavors arnt compromise to feed the masses. Broth is so good!!

Pork banh mi favors are spot on. Every bite is delicious

The prices are a little steep and the portion of the pho is small...but when it's good that shouldn't matter.

I've had really bland pho in chapel hill with no flavor and lots of meat. I rather eat here anyday.

Make the drive, it's worth it!

You're welcome :)
Crystal G.
Fuquay Varina, NC
Pretty good. I had a combination pho soup to go. It really was delicious. I was just dissapointed that there wasn't more meat....but that may be my inner fat girl. Combo should have had pork, chicken, beef, crab, and squid....I didn't see the pork, crab, or squid... But the soup was filling, and plenty delicious.
Tony Z.
Apex, NC
Conveniently located at the heart of RTP and includes all my favorite authentic Vietnamese dishes
Danelle T.
Conover, NC
This place is legit!! I love coming here on a regular basis. The service is wonderful and the flavors are so delicious. I get the Spicy pho pictured on the top of the inside page of the menu. I get it medium but next time I think I want it the way it comes, a little spicier. A regular stop for me and my friend from work. We are spreading the word!
Laura A.
Raleigh, NC
I loved the pork banh mi! Super tasty and fresh. Perfectly satisfying. I can't wait to come back to try other menu items.
Kevin R.
Durham, NC
I stop at Pho 9n9 often when coming home from work. The Pho beef is excellent. Also the Shrimp Pho. The ingredients in the food are always fresh and tasty. I definitely would not go anywhere else for Pho even though there are several others in the area. The rice dishes are to die for. I have had most of them. I love the customer service here. It is always very personal service. I have been coming here for more than 6 years.
D Y.
Raleigh, NC
Great pho. Having traveled to Saigon and Hanoi and growing up in NOLA, I have a fondness for the more flavorful and pungent broths of South Vietnam. This family run restaurant delivers on the pho. I didn't like the spring rolls as much or the spicy seafood broth.
Tim S.
Durham, NC
Great food! Authentic dishes...although I have never been to Vietnam to truly know that.

Fare prices too. Service is either excellent or questionable depending on who is serving you. Most of the time it's excellent though.

If you are looking for casual Vietnamese look no further.
Cam A.
Wilmington, OH
Fantastic place!!!!!!

Simple, cheap, quick service and GREAT pho!!!

Must visit for pho fans!
Natalie K.
Durham, NC
The food here is AMAZING! We've tried most of the vermicelli dishes, rice dishes, the banh mi and the appetizers. We keep coming back time and time again-- it's one of our favorite restaurants in the area. I was slightly disappointed by their pho, but everything else has amazing flavor.
Mary L.
Cambridge, MA
My first time at Pho 9n9 and wasn't too bad! My sister and I had pho tai and bun bo hue- can't go wrong with these traditional dishes!
Kong L.
Raleigh, NC
If you're looking for a "classic" bowl of Pho, this is the place to go to. When I say "classic", I'm referring to a flavorful bowl of Pho which consist of a clear both, beefy taste and light on the aroma. The pho consisted of perfect cuts of meat which went well with the soup. There was a good balance of broth and noodles. I would suggest a little bit more of meat for the perfect balance.

I stopped by after 1:00 p.m. so the service was average. It felt like one of the servers were rushing as as soon as we got to our table. She was on super fast-forward the time we knew it, she wanted to take our order. I would suggest working on the customer service.

Overall, I was there for the Pho.
Steve V.
Apex, NC
I am a pho fanatic from way back. I stopped in Pho 9n9 to get my fix. I got the rare beef pho extra large size.

The pho was delicious. Very flavorful and the beef was nice and lean. They also included a generous amount of toppings.

The staff was very friendly and the service was fast.
Morgan N.
Apex, NC
I visited Pho 9N9 for the first time today, and found it to be delicious, a good value, and operated by friendly people. I'm a little surprised by some of the negative reviews here ... I got exactly what I was looking for. My brother had the pork banh mi, and I got chicken. We proceeded to split the sandwiches so we each got a half of chicken and a half of pork. I liked the shredded pork a lot, and the chicken was not far behind. The baguette was very good, too. Nice fresh cilantro and sauce on the sandwich -- which, by the way, was huge, and just $6 -- and plenty of sriracha and other condiments on the table.

We also split a medium bowl of rare beef pho. The broth was hearty and delicious, the jalapenos, basil, and bean sprouts were fresh ... my one constructive observation would be that the beef wasn't rare, but was already cooked through. Still, this soup was great overall.

I thought the cleanliness of the place was fine. People are getting accustomed to so much effort and money being put into the decor of restaurants, but that often masks mediocre food. This place is simple, but has delicious food that's reasonably priced, and I found the woman who is the owner/operator (I think?) to be very kind and friendly. I don't hesitate to recommend this place.
Bhaviksinh J.
Raleigh, NC
Had the Bahn Mi sandwich and dumplings, both were fantastic. I plan on going back to try some of the dinner plates. One thing to note is that this place really is much like a hole in the wall, so don't expect stunning's more like picnic tables and plastic chairs in a food hall setting...but if you're looking for cool or impressive atmosphere, this is not the place for you...just damn good food.
Mia C.
Brooklyn, NY
A Vietnamese restaurant in the Triangle that serves BANH MI! 4 stars for that fact alone.

I was looking for a late weekend lunch while in sleepy office parky RTP, and hooray! They were open, and I'd heard many good things, so I was excited to try it.

This wasn't the most authentic banh mi I've ever had, but it was still a delicious hot sandwich with wonderful requisite spicy/marinated pickled radish/carrot/cilantro/buttery-mayo flavors. Ordered the veggie special from the specials menu, and it had what seemed to be a curried protein product (tofu?) as the main event. $6.99 and a hearty serving (8-inch baguette + a bonus half!). I cut my banh mi teeth on giant hoagies that cost pocket change in Chinatown NYC, so this price seemed expensive to me, but we're in Central NC, so I guess I have to grin and bear these prices.

The tofu spring rolls were OK...the peanut dipping sauce was a bit bland, as were the spring rolls (was it just vermicelli, romaine lettuce, and fried tofu? no basil, mint, or anything wowie?), but I used the freely available hoisin sauce to jazz things up.

Really nice customer service. Great option if you're in the area or craving some banh mi not made by some newfandangled bourgie place. The bubble tea options looked promising.
Kelly M.
Durham, NC
This is one of my favorite lunch spots during the week. The pho is filing and fresh. The service is quick, but sadly they rarely refill your water cup. The rare brisket is my favorite with lots of bean sprouts, basil, and a healthy squirt of Sriracha.
Deonte B.
Durham, NC
The friend was the one who introduced me to this place and I absolutely love this place it always leave me coming back for and I usually bring more people as well do they can experience the same food I did. When I do come I always order the same thing and that the F2 which is the beef fried rice. I say this because I have been to many different restaurants of Asian cuisines and I will say this place has the best beef fried rice in all of durham, Raleigh, chapel and maybe even North Carolina. The people there are also friendly and nice. This is one place me and friend go to all the time when we come home from college and will continue to come too for the rest of our lives here in durham. If you don't like fried rice there other food is also just as equally taste and good and one bite will leave wanting to come back for more.
Melissa B.
Durham, NC
So, here's the deal: Pho 9n9 is legitimately one of the closest eateries to our humble abode. As a result, it has become a major go-to. I usually opt for the pho with double rare beef (carnivores FTW!), and the Mister hits up the lemongrass beef. Both of us are big on their banh mi (pork for me, chix for him).

I have only ever physically eaten there once, and the service was... well... serviceable. It was mid-evening, so we were one of only 3 inhabited tables in the joint. Items came out in a reasonable time frame, and food was hot and tasty. That said, I cannot speak to the lunch rush or any other busy-ish time and how that affects the integrity of the food. I suppose I'll need more experience before I can comfortably share that elusive 5th star with this fine establishment!

But yes, I generally call ahead and takeout is ready by the predetermined pickup time with no issue. Highly recommended if you need a quick pick-up meal and don't want to break the bank or eat super unhealthy stuff.

My only word of warning... this spot sometimes closes early if they aren't particularly busy. Therefore, if it's 8:45pm on a rainy, cold night and you get a hankerin' for a bowl of Vietnamese deliciousness, you may want to call ahead and ensure they're still there and planning to stick around!
Carter N.
Asheville, NC
Pho 9N9 serves great Bahn Mi and pho. The Bahn Mih has nice, balanced flavors; with shaved pork, fresh cilantro and jalapenos--and a delicious sauce that ties it all together. I've had the beef Pho and enjoyed that as well. This is my go-to Vietnamese spot in S. Durham/RTP. Check it out for yourself; the owners are always excited to see new customers coming in.
Balaji S.
Cary, NC
I like their pho rau and the tofu over vermicelli as well

Their speed at lunch is awesome if you are wanting a quick lunch

Good mix of asian and american crowd in here is a good sign as well
Mark S.
Cary, NC
Been here twice so far and enjoyed it both times. I always order the Well-Done Steak (Pho Chin). They serve it up in a huge bowl and I'm not complaining at all. The broth is extremely tasty and not too heavy. The bean sprouts and slices of jalapeno as garnish is a nice touch. Overall, very satisfying on a cold day.
Pickens B.
Durham, NC
The atmosphere and service is incredible but what really sends pho 9N9 in the stratosphere is their heavenly delicious food. One bite into their bah mí and I was hooked. Throw on some siracha and sip it down with a cool bubble tea and its perfection. I will always return here but be warned you will get cravings for it and those cravings come strong. It is by far one of the best places to go for vietnamese
Annie C.
Durham, NC
Came here today with my mom and husband. Grew up eating viet food. I usually get pho, but thought is try something else. Tried the banh mi (I had veggie and my husband got the chicken) the bread was perfect! Had the carrots and jalepeno as expected. Usually when I get a veggie sandwhich it's everything but the meat- but they had some kind of soy meat to take it's place and it was great. My husband liked the chicken- it was marinated in something that was great. My mom got the pork and noodles with a spring roll and she said it was great too! We've been here many times and will continue to come. Also got the bubble tea which was great. The lady working was super nice and helpful too.
Tiffanie U.
Durham, NC
First time going there and first time trying out pho (chicken). I came at the very end of their lunch special. @.@ They gave me a good amount of food which made me happy. The food was hot and the taste was good. I wouldn't mind coming back there again. The people that work there was nice. The place has a mom and pop feel. I'm glad that one of my friends told me to check this place out!
Tommy F.
Dallas, TX
I was in Vietnam for a month last year and the food here tasted authentic to what I had. I ordered the Bon Bo Hue (spicy beef middle soup) and it was delicious - the broth was not too spicy, had a tinge of sweetness and the noodles were thick and chewy. I liked it enough that I got another order to take home and also some bahn mi. I definitely recommend trying it!
Jay C.
Hedgesville, WV
Outstanding!! There pho is one of the best I ever had and have had it all over this country and Asia. Broth is perfect.
Kate N.
Hedgesville, WV
Delicious! Very authentic. Had the Bahn Mi and it was the best I've ever had. Lots of different flavors of bubble tea. Service was great. The staff and owners were very friendly. I will definitely be back!!
Sheila D.
Chapel Hill, NC
I'm a HUGE fan of pho, and I must say that the pho here was exceptional! I am pescetarian, so I can't have the beef broth, but I thought the seafood pho was terrific! So flavorful. My one critique is about the bubble tea; it was definitely artificial and made slushie-like. It tasted sort of sickly sweet... so my recommendation: get the pho, pass on the boba.
Coty C.
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
I've passed this place a thousand times, glad I got a recommendation to try then out! I ordered the brisket pho (small) and an order of egg rolls.

First off, the egg rolls are slammin'. Quite tasty! I could easily get fat from these.

The pho was great. Not the best I've ever had, but in the top 5 probably... Not that I'm an expert. You probably shouldn't even be reading my opinion.

Anyway, the broth was tasty, the add ins (sprouts, basil, lime, etc) was plentiful and good quality. The meat was good... Really great pho! I love Lime and Basil in Chapel Hill, but to have to drive all the way out there and park and deal with the undergrads getting "white girl drunk"? Ain't nobody got time for that.

The ambiance sucks. Like, really pretty bad. But then, I go there to eat, not look at stuff. Also, everyone seemed to be kvetching about the service. I found it to be pretty good. Minimal, but no complaints.

For affordable pho that tastes damn good, I recommend this place. Kicking myself for not going sooner.
Tj S.
Durham, NC
My go to spot for a quick, tasty lunch just got better! They are under new management and the prices have been lowered - now I can get a bowl of pho for under $10 including tax!! They also brought back the smaller (cheaper) portions - small, medium, and large bowls. Try the chicken pho for under $8. They are always nice, quick, and most importantly - know their pho! I enjoy the sandwiches as well, which are now under 6 bucks. Don't forget they cater events and offer lunch to-go. Check them out!!!
Lindsay S.
Raleigh, NC
Ventured out of the office to Pho 9n9 for a lovely lunch with Christina G. and am so excited that I tried something new. It's right in the middle of RTP, but kind of obscurred because it's in a strip shopping center behind a Sheetz Gas Station. Enter a dimly lit room with tables arranged in a grid style dining room. Nothing special to look at, but it gets the job done. Servers float around to take your order. They serve bubble tea as well, but I stuck with water.

I ordered the Egg Rolls for an appetizer. I love Egg Rolls in general, but was very eager to see what was different about them to make them "Vietnamese" Style. Well, they come with fish sauce to dip in unlike typical Chinese Egg Rolls, but more like Thai Spring Rolls. Man were they hot since they were so fresh!

Christina had told me about their Vermicelli so I followed suit in ordering that for my lunch. I ordered the Grilled Pork and Shrimp Vermicelli. It's served over lettuce, bean sprouts, mint, carrots, and cucumber. It also came with fish sauce. We each added some hot sauce to spice it up too. It was a huge portion in a good sized bowl that I couldn't finish, but the rest of it was still good for lunch the next day.

We paid at the counter and were on our way pretty quickly. Service didn't seem to be too friendly, but they got the job done. For my second time trying Vietnamese food, I was very happy and proud that I'd explored the area further. I'd love to go back too!
Barbara B.
Morrisville, NC
When I'm craving a bowl of beef noodles Pho 9n9 hits the spot. I've never had anything else off the menu so I can't speak for any of the other items, but the pho is simple and delicious. The aroma of the beef broth just makes my mouth water when I think about it. The portions are generous and there are 3 different sizes to choose from. I find that the smallest one is enough for me. The restaurant itself is nothing fancy and the interior has a cafeteria feel to it, but it's clean. Service is pretty on par for any Asian restaurant.
Brian S.
Halifax, Canada
One of my co workers in RTP goes here once a week so I tagged along to give it a try. I went with the Chicken Lemon Grass Vermicell which was very good. It has a little kick to it which I enjoyed. One warning if you order the large soup they have there it is LARGE! I saw them coming out with a giant mixing bowl (well maybe an exaggeration) full of soup.
The service was very fast and you want to make sure to get here early as it gets very busy for lunch.

I will be back to try other items from the menu
Michael H.
Raleigh, NC
I occasionally stop at Pho 9n9 on my way home from work, and I'm thinking that this might be the best pho I've found in the Triangle. It's not the best pho I've ever had (that crown goes to a restaurant in Guelph, Ontario), but this please is cheap and cheerful and delicious.

I have started branching out on the menu, and the non-pho items I have tried are also tasty.

My only real beef is that 3G cellular reception stinks in this place. I'm sure it's not their fault (curse you, AT&T!), but stay close to the front of the restaurant near the windows if you're expecting an important call.
C M.
Durham, NC
This is the hole in the wall place I go to when I'm craving pho. This time around my order of a combination pho was delivered to my table before I could take my jacket off! Super speedy. Service is matter of fact but pleasant and they were happy to cater to my request for extra lime, jalapeño, and basil for my pho. Flavors are consistent and price is reasonable for a hearty amount of food. Pho 9n9 is one of my go to places on a cold rainy day.
Alex N.
Holly Springs, NC
This place makes me happy.

From the moment I walked in, I was excited. I don't imagine that a normal person would be thrilled with the simple cafeteria table grid layout of Pho 9n9, but I'm pretty strange. It reminded me so much of the little family-owned pho joints in CT where I popped my pho cherry that I started grinning from ear to ear.

Every table comes equipped with a cupful of chopsticks, soup spoons, two types of sriracha sauce, and a bottle of hoisin. Fish sauce is absent, but if you ask for it they'll provide-- according to an article posted by the cash register, people were adding too much and hating the taste of it, so they keep it behind the counter.

I ordered the pho with rare steak. It was served properly, condiment plate on the side, noodles and meat dropped into the broth moments before delivery. Cilantro was absent from the condiment plate, but some had been sprinkled into the soup.

The broth was piping, tongue-curling hot when it came out. The flavor balance was fantastic. Once I added all my accoutrements, I was thrilled to bits and happily inhaled it.

Pho 9n9 an oasis of good Vietnamese street food. It's not the best I've ever had in my life, but had Pho 9n9 been anywhere near my favorite little shop up north, I would've been happy to buy their soup, too.
Jim W.
Cary, NC
This was my first time eating at Pho 9n9. I am originally from the Portland area which has great Pho that places take days to make the broth. When I arrived it was packed for lunch but the service was fast and the food was hot. I would not go here expecting a super attentive server but do not expect to be ignored. It was pretty hard to hear everyone at my lunch meeting but was not too bad. You do sit a bit close to other people so if you are discussing private things you may not want to come here during peak hours.

Pro: Fast in and Out ...good not too oily Pho and decent Banh mi.

Cons: can get crowded so not the best place for business meetings

Wrap Up: 9n9 is the best place in the Carolinas that I have had Pho. The food is good but falls short of great. I will be back for the Pho and to try other things.
Matthew E.
Durham, NC
I agree that this place varies in quality, but I wanted to post as I had a great bowl of pho here yesterday. The broth was delicious and came with fresh condiments.
Jayme W.
Durham, NC
Love the Pho!!! The noodle dishes are awesome too!
Ela P.
Aldie, VA
I'm a pho person, and this is the typical pho place that you run into LA- sit wherever you want, person takes your food and drink order, drops those off and then leaves you alone. Good for those who know their pho and how the dining experience usually works there, bad if you're looking for a more formal dining experience. For the vegetarians, the vegetarian pho is definitely worth a try!
Timothy Y.
Raleigh, NC
Being from the MD/D.C. area, I really miss a decent, flavorful bowl of pho down here. So far, this is the place that comes closest to satisfying the craving. We've come here several times for lunch/dinner. The broth isn't too light or overly seasoned. It's hard to find a place that gets the broth just right. The beef briskets and rare steak slices are good quality but I only wish they'd give you a bit more. The spring rolls taste fresh and the egg rolls come out hot and crispy. Their pork vermicelli is good except one occasion I got mostly fat pieces and less meat. The durian bubble tea, good for the venturous, but skip the bubbles.

The restaurant setup is basically the same setup as most pho restaurants, large rectangular tables in the middle flanked with smaller square tables on the sides of the walls in a simple, casual atmosphere. Don't expect much conversation with the wait staff, they come, deliver, and leave you unless you need something. They're efficient. After finishing a meal you walk up and pay at the counter.
Rebecca C.
Raleigh, NC
Just tried this place for lunch today after wanting to try Pho for ages and I'm really happy I went. I tried the well done steak Pho. It came with the usual beansprouts, jalapenos and lime wedges. I stayed away from the spice cause I'm not really into spicey food but I'm not sure you would need to add it anyway because the broth was so flavorful. You could taste the anise but it wasn't overwhelming. It was just the right balance. The only downside was my meat was pretty fatty but everything else was good.

I also tried the spring rolls and OMG were they good! The combination of pork, shrimp, noodles and lettuce with the peanut sauce was perfect. I would come back just for these!

The service was quick and the prices were good. The decor just seems typical of a strip mall joint but the food definitely makes up for it.

I would definitely come back here for sure!
Jessie R.
Raleigh, NC
Pretty good pho. Actually writing this review makes me want to go there tonight...Yes. I think I will because the pho was pretty good. Best hang over food.
Tom S.
Raleigh, NC
Christina G might boot me off Yelp for this one, but I love this spot. It is an oasis in the fast food landscape that is RTP. Is it authentic and the most amazing vietnamese you'll ever have: probably not. Does it meet the "i have one hour to eat lunch and need something that releases me from the steel grip of the $5 foot long": yes.

Decor - Folks, it looks like a glorified cafeteria space, and in my experience, that's not a bad thing. Look past the lack of fancy decor, and consider that maybe it's because they focus their money on ingredients and the people that use them versus getting 18x24 blown up photos of Vietnam, an indoor water fountain and fancy carpet.

Service - Fast, friendly, organized, and on point. I have never had to send something back because it wasn't what i ordered, and never feel rushed. Friendly people, dishing out good stuff, and hoping you come back for more.

Food - Here's where I differ from some of these reviews. I think the food here is great, and I've had some pretty amazing vietnamese before. Going with a coworker? Do yourself a favor, split a Banh Mi. I've had a few dishes here, however, my automatic is the Pho Tai. The rare steak cooks in the broth, adds awesome flavor, and the large definitely does the trick. X large could put you into a food coma, resulting in an afternoon in poor work performance and delay in getting those TPS reports in on time.

Price - For the quantity and quality of food, can't beat it.

Work in RTP and haven't been yet? Your only excuse is if you bring a sandwich or microwave meal. Otherwise, get in the car, do the quick drive, and rest assured that you'll be back in time, and happy you did it.
Sowmya R.
Morrisville, NC
It literally is located middle of nowhere but has the BEST vietnamese food I have ever had!!! (Comparable to food in restaurants in places like Boston/NY/SF)

Vietnamese sandwich (chicken/pork) is something like 3 dollars - very tasty - almost as big as a 6" sub! That could be my lunch!

A bunch of other dishes worth trying. I am definitely going back here to try other things.

Atmosphere and Ambiance is average but like I said - GOOD FOOD more than makes up for it!
Charlie V.
Apex, NC
This place is awesome. The Pho is great and close to as good as it gets. I've had better Pho in San Diego when I was there, but this place is probably the best in the Triangle.

Today I had the P2 and A1. The cold spring rolls with the pork and shrimp are great. The peanut sauce is nice and sweet. I like to make my Pho hot with extra Jalapenos so alternating between the spicy soup and sweet rolls was a great combination.

This place is getting 5 stars for me mostly for quality of the Pho and the price. The restaurant isn't pretty - but who cares about pretty when you are eating Pho?
Melissa P.
Denver, CO
Durham doesn't have the finest selection of Vietnamese food, but this is the best I've come across. My friend raves that this is the pho in the area. Not the best bahn mi I've tried (I will admit that I tend to be picky about my bahn mi), but it was definitely tasty enough that it's where I return when I get that craving. Smaller and more expensive than what you'd expect from your classic hole-in-the-wall bahn mi place, but the meat is also higher quality and tastier than what you're probably used to, as well. Spring rolls were average. Avocado boba was creamy and refreshing. Check for hours before you make the drive, as this shopping center caters to the RTP lunch crowd, and is sometimes closed earlier than you'd expect.
Yilun K.
San Jose, CA
This is a gem. Coming from Boston which had 3 Pho restaurants side by side around the corner, this is definitely a restaurant that equals in quality as that in Boston. Pho has always been my comfort food after a night of drinking, and they did not disappoint me.

Pros: The flavors of the Pho soup were rich, the portions were large. The beef flanks could have been a bit more tender though and directly put in soup raw as how it should be served. Nevertheless it was tasty.

Cons: It's not a really nice place for a date.
Alan S.
Cary, NC
A cold rainy day is now something to look forward to because that means it is a day for Pho.
Adam M.
San Francisco, CA
Come for the pho, vermicelli bowls, bahn mi, vietnamese coffee, and efficient service.

When I left Arlington - a major hub of Vietnamese immigration after the war - I thought my pho days were over. But the mess-hall-efficient service and deep, marrow-and-anise broth reminds me of Pho 75 on Wilson. If only we had a restaurant on the level of NoVA's Minh's or Four Sisters in NC, we could have great Vietnamese for dinner, too.
Phil G.
Durham, NC
This is my favorite of the Vietnamese restaurants in the area. This place is a bit out of the way (convenient to RTP companies but not most homes) but it's definitely worth the drive. My favorite entree here is the lemongrass chicken vermicelli. The pho is also a great option (the name of the restaurant probably gives that away). I usually get the rare beef pho and add a little more hot sauce -- great for the winter months.

The interior is a bit unspectacular but you can forgive them because the food more than makes up for it. There's cafeteria style tables in the middle of the restaurant and smaller tables along the sides.

Staff is friendly but they do sometimes "leave you be" for a bit too long (especially a problem if you're sucking down water because you added too much hot sauce). If you're lucky you'll be visited by the resident child at the restaurant who likes to curiously watch the customers. I find it a bit endearing. Makes me appreciate the family-owned nature of the restaurant.
Riki L.
Cary, NC
This Vietnamese restaurant has the best tasting Pho noodles in the area, and according to some, even better than those found in nearby large metros like Washington DC.

My recommendation would be their Rare Steak Pho (P1) and Shrimp Spring Rolls (A1). Nothing is more enjoyable than a hearty bowl of Pho noodle soup in cold NC winters.

The restaurant is sometimes very crowded, and you have to strategically arrive before all the RTP workers during lunch time. However, it is also an excellent choice for dinner because: (1) it is not crowded, (2) it opens until 8PM, (3) its price for dinner is the same as for lunch.

One thing to beware of is their retarded naming of their menu selections. Once I asked for "P1" and I was served "B1", and so I got vermicelli instead of Pho. Make the server repeat what you ordered.
Tara M.
Durham, NC
So glad we found a good pho place in Durham! Having just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, I was going through asian food withdrawal! Then I found Pho 9n9. Although, the egg rolls didn't come with lettuce and rice noodles. Is that not done here?
Wenyue Z.
Greensboro, NC
Nice, fast and cheap.
Cat M.
Raleigh, NC
Such excellent phō! Easily my favorite place in the Triangle!
Liwei Y.
San Francisco, CA
It's really hard to get the best soup taste in pho, but I think the place does a pretty good job. The bowls are really big and the meat is good, but they don't give you a lot. Lime and Basil in Chapel Hill gives more meat but their soup doesn't taste as good as the one here. I also like the jelly, mung beans, and red beans dessert here.
Hank V.
Norfolk, VA
decent pho. would go again
Denise B.
Raleigh, NC
If you are expecting a warm intimate restaurant this is not it. If you want good food served fast then come on in. In a typical NC strip mall this place gets packed at lunch time. The wait staff is impersonal and pretty much just take your order and bring out your chitchat here and that's fine by me..I just want the delicious addictive food brought out to me!! The bowl of Pho are incredibly huge and the fried rice is wonderful too. For a little under 7 bucks you will go away happy. I keep coming back and forget to check in cause I'm drooling by the time I hit the door!
Amie K.
Raleigh, NC
Delish & cheap! A friend bought take-out, so I can't speak for the actual place, but the food was excellent! Had a fabulous pork sandwich and spring rolls with fish sauce. There was so much food that I ate lunch the next day - and the leftover pork sandwich was perfect then too!
Luke C.
Durham, NC
This is it. We've found it. This place serves the most authentic Pho in the triangle. The broth is flavorful and should be devoured as soon as it arrives at your table.

As with most authentic places, don't expect the restaurant to be teeming with atmosphere. This is an eatery and that's all there is to it. You can tell that it is family run and has a low key feel to it.

There are several other offerings on the menu, however, they are not as good as the Pho. Pho is what they do well. Other places may do a better job with other dishes.
James F.
Milpitas, CA
I'm from California, where there are thousands of Pho (Vietnamese rice noodle) restaurants in the area. But when I came to live in North Carolina for a year, I found the Pho and Asian restaurants in general to be few and far spaced.

So I came here with mediocre expectations, but the Pho here actually tastes really good and authentic!!! For first timers, start with the spring rolls (kinda like an egg roll, but clear, and not fried) filled with shrimp and rice noodles. You dip it into peanut sauce for flavor. Then try the chicken Pho noodles, or Pho with meatballs, or brisket. The tab ends up to be around $10 per person.

Service can be a bit slow sometimes, so bring a friend or a book.
Dan C.
Montreal, Canada
Yes, I went back and as everyone seems to elude to in their updated reviews, P9N9 seems to suffer from a split personality disorder - a regular Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the Triangle VN food scene. Unlike my previous lackluster but alright experience, I was actually pleasantly surprised this time around. For starters, timing seems to be everything here. Coming here on a packed lunch hour was ideal. Why? B/c the food actually came out HOT and FAST...just the way I like my...err...VN food.

Previous recap: The last time I ventured this way, I came *after* the RTP lunch crowd (off-peak) at 2pm...and well, it showed with cold fried pork eggrolls over a clumped morass of vermicelli noodles. My bun bowl looked more like a pile of you-know-what with skimpy ill-cut veggies thrown in for good measure. That was Mr. Hyde.

Not this time. Apparently, Dr. Jekyll was in control and with the precision of an accomplished surgeon, the meal we ordered reflected everything good about this cuisine that I love. Here are the details:

FOOD: We ordered 1 app (A1. spring rolls) and a small seafood version of pho (P9) and the BBQ chicken and fried eggroll bun (B4). First off, yes...I agree with other reviews. I've def. had better and I would seriously believe that if I had based my universal review on my last visit and not given these guys a second chance....well, I would have missed out on the amazing improvement of this resto. Sure it's not up to snuff with Houston or SoCal VN establishments so you won't get the variety of VN specialty items like black pepper crab or BBQ shrimp on cane sugar skewers, but it'll do in a pinch with good strong basics (bun, pho, com and some clay pots). The spring rolls had the essence of the "spring roll" flavour with the vermicelli noodles, shrimp and BBQ pork however they just seemed to lack a strong mint flavour. The broth of the seafood soup was *really* good (i.e., you could taste the subtle flavours of star anise)....however, I found the shrimp kind of small (prolly of the frozen variety) and the side of assorted bean sprouts, lime, basil and peppers just seemed a bit on the old side. Some of the peppers were already turning yellow and some of the bean sprouts seemed a bit suspect. I know...I'm really splitting hairs on this, but the lack of fresh veggies was a bit off-putting and not what I was expecting. The bun however was a different story. This time, the noodles were hot and not clumped together into a cold pile. The eggrolls were both hot and crispy and while the BBQ chicken colour was a bit off-putting (think red dye #40), the flavour was right on and reminded me of the beautiful BBQ pork one traditionally gets in this dish. Also on the good side, the bun bowl was **packed** full of cucumbers, carrots, lettuce and bean sprouts. My only minor complaint was that the carrots were chunkier than I'm used to in this dish (i.e., thin julienne slices as you should usually get). Overall, the flavour profiles were there and everything tasted good. But minor preparation issues kept things from being spectacular. I also ordered an iced coffee that was decent...but then again, everything tastes good with sweetened condensed milk, doesn't it?

SERVICE: Get a table, order your food off the menu and pay at the back near the cash register. Everything's very bare bones and wickedly fast. They take your orders almost instantaneously and you won't have any problems flagging someone down if you're not ready immediately. Water refills are also fantastically fast. It's like watching Speedy Gonzales!

PRICE: It's a bit pricey compared to the places I've been to, but it's not insane. 1 app, a small pho, a bun bowl and my iced coffee ran us $21 w/out tip. We didn't finish the soup, so we brought it home....and we both definitely left with full stomachs.

So, in the weird and strange case of Pho 9N9...just be aware that going at certain times of the day could potentially influence the quality of food you receive. Maybe staff changes are the cause of this? Maybe it's b/c of the cook? I don't know....I'm going with the time of the day. Whatever it is, definitely give this place another try even if you've already been there and weren't that impressed the first time. I'm still a bit nonplussed...but if they continue to serve up the same quality I experienced today I might continue to keep raving about them. But for now, it's a conditional 4 star review. I'm hoping Mr. Hyde doesn't rear his ugly head the next time I go back...
Amy A.
Amarillo, TX
Delicious food! Inexpensive! =) I had beef pho and spring rolls (on the menu as P1 and A1) - I recommend them both!
Melodie S.
Cary, NC
PHO!! Thank God. I was getting concerned, and yes, I will delightedly make the drive to 9n9 from Cary. This is the real thing (for NC), folks. The broth rivals my favorite place in SF, not too salty just a little tang. I will indeed come back to try the vermicelli, that is if I can overcome the compulsion for more of this fantastic Pho.

This place is going to save me during winter when only a steaming bowl of authentic Pho will cure my winter blues.
Kevin S.
New York, NY
You can either judge this restaurant by American standards or Asian standards. If you go with the former, you'll find this disappointing. The staff don't speak English well and can get your order confused. They won't split checks, but you can pay for your food individually. You won't find here the creature comforts of a restaurant in the South,

If however, you go in with your mind set on the latter, you'll definitely enjoy this place. I have been twice and gotten the beef brisket pho and the combo pho. They were both delicious. The service is very fast - my party of six got our food within five minutes of ordering and it was delicious. They have Sriracha sauce on every table so you can turn up the heat on your pho.The pho comes was a side plate of raw bean sprouts, basil, and lime. I haven't ever had a problem with their freshness even though I usually go after 7pm. I even asked for more sprouts and the staff gladly gave it to me. Also, make sure to get the Iced French Coffee. It's a freshly dripped coffee mixed with condensed milk poured into a glass of ice, or more descriptively, the perfect compliment to a bowl of spicy pho.

I hear a lot of people compare this restaurant with Lime and Basil on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill but make no mistake, Pho 9n9 is the better Vietnamese restaurant. This place is definitely worth a try.
Caroline Z.
Chapel Hill, NC
In an unassuming Miami Blvd strip mall, you'll find one of the area's best surprises - Pho 9n9. RTP employees fill the place for weekday lunch, but you can have the place practically to yourself for dinner.

As you can tell from the name of the restaurant, you'll find plenty of pho options on the menu, including steak, tripe, tofu and chicken, as well as a number of rice and vermicelli dishes.

One of my favorite things about 9n9 is the banh-mi, a French-Asian sandwich hybrid. It's a baguette with meat (for example, Vietnamese-style pork or chicken), carrots, fresh cilantro, jalapeos, and mayonnaise. A very unique combination of ingredients, but delicious! You can get these for $2 each at lunch. Prices on the rest of the menu are very reasonable also, typically under 8-10 dollars for a dinner entree.

Atmosphere is very low-key and family-friendly (there's a kid's menu), especially in the evenings.
Melissa A.
Seabrook, TX
Love this place. It has the best BBQ sandwiches!! (Yeah I said It!! BBQ! Go figure!) And of course the pho is amazing!! I love the pho with meat balls. But mostly I love the BBQ. Super ono!!
Rachel M.
Durham, NC
I loved this little authentic, no frills place! It's definitely the best pho I've had in the triangle. I second the commenter below -- it's as good as some places in SF! It's also nice that it's still pretty down to earth, and so it's not too expensive.
Tip: if you order well-done steak, you might get beef shin (which I did), which isn't my personal favorite cut of meat because it's too chewy. Order the rare steak, which is flank steak. It will cook more in the steaming hot broth anyway.
Dayoung K.
New York, NY
I haven't tried other pho places in Durham so I guess I don't really have a baseline...but I had REALLY good pho here. My first time was so good that I only ever come back to this place for pho. There are times when I crave pho and that's when I come here. The service is very quick and it seems very authentic. worth a go. warning though, pho vietnamese style noodles do take time getting accustomed to.
Jeff B.
Cary, NC
I admit that I'm not a pho connoisseur, but I'd sure like to be after tasting theirs. Very flavorful, lots of complexity, and satisfying. The X-Large was *huge* and had copious amounts of rice noodles, plus basil, lime, and bean sprouts on the side. For $7.50, it's a healthy value.

Spring rolls were also excellent with the peanut dipping sauce, although I admit I'm a bigger fan of putting shrimp in them than pork and chicken.

As an aside, this strip mall has to be the ugliest place to have any sort of business ever. On the positive side, the daughter of the owners (I assume) is pretty ridiculously cute and entertaining. And definitely not shy.

I look forward to trying more of the menu...or maybe just more pho.
Mike Y.
Cary, NC
I really like this place. The prices are reasonable and the food is good. Service is fast (as it should be at a Pho restaurant) and the servers are friendly. My faves are the spring rolls, pork banh mi, and Pho with double rare meat. For those not in to Pho, there BBQ pork vermicelli is very good as well.
Toshi T.
Chapel Hill, NC
Worth the drive to get to this out of the way gem.

Great pho and vermicelli dishes.

It is a great place to go on the weekends, since it is rather empty given that they tailor to the RTP crowd on the weekdays.
Jessica K.
Durham, NC
This is tucked away in a shopping center next to a strip mall Theology School (huh?). The service is a bit iffy because they don't speak much English and there's often only 1 or 2 people working there, but the food is good. I LOVE the lemongrass chicken, and I get it every time. Huge portions! I can't really speak to the other dishes b/c I"m so loyal to my favorite one.
Erica L.
Orland Park, IL
I really like this place for pho. It was the first time I had vietnamese food and how I am hooked! I like that you can customize the dish to your liking. Service is fast and the bubble tea is great too. Only con is that it is hard to eat.
Ginger K.
Venice, FL
Come for the pho, vermicelli bowls excellent.
Ben S.
Austin, TX
This place is awesome! When I worked in San Jose, I developed a taste for pho, and this place has the best I've found in the Triangle. The Vietnamese sandwiches are great as well, and the prices are cheap for what you get.
Bobby H.
Raleigh, NC
Great RTP Vietnamese eatery. Get either the broken rice platter or the combination pho. The avocado smoothie is a great after lunch snack. The pho here is great, definitely has a better flavor and body than Lime & Basil. Prices are low for the massive amount of food you get. Service is ok, though sometimes inattentive. Highly recommended.
Rebecca M.
Durham, NC
Tasty tasty pho. I've had better, but not around here. I got the rare steak pho, spring rolls, and thai spice bubble tea. Next time I'll spring for the extra rare steak, but all in all, a yummy, inexpensive, no-fuss dinner.
Jon B.
Maumee, OH
I eat here periodically for lunch - always good. I had an interesting drink - avocado with tapioca smoothy ....
Christie H.
Hillsborough, NC
PHO-SURE! I'll take a small P-1 please and spring roll. This is a staple lunch place for me as I often crave the pho. Food is always delicious and fast. Here's a little tip: it often gets really busy for lunch, especially on chilly/rainy days so get there a little early to secure a table. Happy eating!
Meg T.
Chapel Hill, NC
Delicious pho but the bahn mi are my JAM. Cheap and good. Both the chicken and the pork are yummy but I prefer the chicken, it's a little spicier than the pork. Love this place for a late lunch (after the rush) or dinner.